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Welcome to Teach My Concept
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Recent changes

(2018-04-22) Added word lists for the concept mapping and some instructions.

(2018-04-18) Added some blog posts to the Blog_roll.


To those visiting from CogSciSci

(29/05/2016) CogSci² A Meeting of Minds.... session notes.⭐️


(18/04/2018) Sorry for the lack of update on this - please contact me if you've got any questions - school time means we're all a little busy but lets build this AW.

To those visiting from #asechat

(as I just mentioned it there - 26/03/2018) This is very much an early work in progress. If you want to contribute - please contact me and I will add you and send you info on how to use - @a_weatherall on twitter.

Who am I

This site is hosted by Alex Weatherall @a_weatherall