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My presentation will focus on outlining how applications of cognitive science have influenced a large body of work investigating the design of learning environments for perceptual-motor skills. I will focus on recent work I have undertaken applying Cognitive Load Theory, which is widely used in educational psychology, to investigating skilled anticipation and training design in sport and my interest in applying such theory to task design for science in the classroom.



Application leads to putting into practice Representative Design - make it as similar as possible - bearing in mind cognitive load. What actually influences performance and what are the effects of including more complex information in the learning environment.

Anxiety: and perception motor performance.

If a student is anxious it impacts reading - impacts learning / performance etc.

Attentional Control Theory


  • Limit to working memory
  • Efficiency of processing
  • Effect on performance.
  • Multitasking.

Anxiety takes up space in working memory - so impacts on learning.

Used theory but secondary task was increasing complexity around the task. Measuring anxiety

  • Mental readiness level - 1-11.
  • Eye trackers - cricketer - focus on ball pre-release.
  • Attention
  • Verbal report - say what your thinking. (e.g. Driving Lesson).

Measuring perfomance

  • Context specific
    • cricket - kinematics, ball position, analysis.

Results: Even top performers do worse when anxious.

The context manipulation didn't have a negative impact on cognitive load (for skilled performers).

Cognitive Load Theory

Adding contextual information and task on anticipation

In sport: anticipation uses patterns, posture (visual) and sequence, score and team position (contextual).

Adding complex information in contextual manner - pictoral support - no language aspect.

Secondary task not affected.

Links made

Dual coding.

Practical tasks.

Can you take an expert and

Papers available - just ask.

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