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Luckily I share a Year 13 Physics class -- it has enabled me to try to implement some of the #cogscisci talk I have heard in the group. The session will be situated around a sequence of lessons on the edexcel Year 13 nuclear radiation module.

  1. How I taught this particular module
  2. Embedding #cogscisci
  3. Next year


A Level Y13 Experts or Novice... Can the resource be used in free time available.


Is there research available to teach complex topics? Binding energy: IOP provide this - TAP Binding Energy

Is CLT ready to apply in the classroom - Deep doesn't think so. Pick the right things to learn.

Questions/generate thinking - as much as possible.

Make these changes to improve things for students and teachers, without causing deficit for anyone - don't add things for pupils at the detriment for teachers.

Rasch model for assessment in Y10.

Small class sizes: means reliability of assessment is low.

Useful and agile - learning booklets

Checklists: when have they revised Notes, R1, R2, R3,

Use ZipGrade or Quickkey

Lesson Structure:

  • Pre-read booklet
  • Do homework at least 2 days berfore.
  • Brief instruction
  • Question sheet {Close to spec > Far reaching}
  • Partially solved problems
  • Worked examples
  • Placed info next to questions.

Form Scanner. Form to capture the marks. Dots.


Basically Deep is planning to take over the world.


  • Hewitt's Conceptual PHysics
  • Yellowreef's Challenging Practice Qs
  • Curriculum
  • Other boards
  • OpenStax

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